Advantages and disadvantages of playing nft games

There’s no doubt that nft games are exciting and they are full of fun. It is no longer news that people are making it massively by playing some online video games. Even at that, there are other benefits apart from making money and having fun. And that’s what we want to talk about here. On the other hand, we will also be looking at some of the shortcomings or limitations of playing nft games. 

Now, the question is; why do you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of playing
axie infinity nft games? If you know the benefits of playing these unique games, you will take them seriously and see them beyond games. Also, knowing the limitations will help you to create a balance so that you will not be affected. Oh! You might be wondering if one can be involved with playing video games. That’s what we want to discuss here.

However, dear reader, you have a role to play. You need to shun all distractions and stay focused right now. More importantly, we will like to advise you to follow us precept upon precept. Hence, before we move further, it is essential to create background knowledge. So, we’ll start this write-up with a brief explanation of what nft games entail. Click here to get about upcoming cryptocurrency nft games in 2022.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing nft games

What are nft games?

Let us start with the meaning of nft. The term “nft” means non-fungible token. It is an irreplaceable token. Primarily, nft games are present on Ethereum and Binance smart chain. Hence, nft games are online video games that have their uniqueness. They are digital, a cryptographic token on the blockchain representing an exceptional item. More importantly, NFT has many use cases. So, nft could be a digital asset in a game. On the other hand, not could also be a collectible piece of crypto art. 

Furthermore, nft could be a real-world object like real estate. Over the years, there has been an issue of forming regionalized digital collectability. So, the good news is that; the non-fungible token has solved that issue. Nfts also provided solution to proprietorship in a copy-paste. 

nft games have been in vogue for over two decades. But some of these online video games came into the limelight a few years ago. They are games that everyone loves to play. Also, nft gaming captures peoples’ captures people’s hearts because it comes with great rewards and so much fun.  

Some nft games that you need to know

  • Axie Infinity
  • Gods Unchained
  • Splinterlands
  • Alien Worlds
  • League of Kingdoms
  • Star Atlas
  • Spider Tanks
  • The Walking Dead
  • Illuvium
  • NFT Champions
  • Dogami
  • Mad Metascientists
  • Gold Fever
  • The Sandbox
  • Thetan Arena

Advantages of playing nft games

  1. Additional income: Do you know why people already familiar with some video games cannot stop playing them? They are making money from it. These unique games are soft ways of adding more money to your income. Are you looking for something special to engage in? Do you want to do something fun and yet rewarding? Why not try to invest time and effort in any of the above-listed video games? All you need to do is make inquiries, know what the game entails, implement what you’ve learned, and start earning. Therefore, playing online video games can add to one’s income.
  2. They develop problem-solving skills: One of the most significant advantages of playing the non-fungible token game is that it helps to increase one’s ability to solve problems. The task behind every game is to solve a particular problem. So, gamers must be psychologically sound if they want to remain relevant. That way, gamers’ problem-solving skills gradually improve, either knowingly or unknowingly. One fantastic thing is that the result will begin to show in gamers’ day-to-day activities. That is, if you engage in playing these games, you will have the ability to solve life problems easily. Your brain will respond to life matters quickly. Isn’t that amazing?
  3. NFT games keep us busy: If you’re less active and looking for a way to keep yourself alive, then you need to see some video games. Some video games’ graphics are enough to grab your attention. If you choose to play nft games like Axie Infinity, League of Kingdoms, and Splinterlands, you will see that you’ve spent three hours placing your eyes on your mobile phone.
Advantages and disadvantages of playing nft games

Disadvantages of playing nft games

  1. Time-consuming: Nft games come with so much fun. And this can affect every other important thing one ought to do. That is why children shouldn’t play these games. It is time-consuming. At least we can talk about Axie Infinity. If you play Axie Infinity, you may not have time to do other essential things. Axie Infinity is time-consuming. Of course, not only Axie Infinity, virtually all non-fungible token games. 
  2. It can be stolen: One needs to be careful and look for a perfect way to keep one’s NFT account. NFT accounts can be stolen. Hackers are looking for a way to manipulate things. Furthermore, we’ve heard about people’s accounts being hacked several times. And that is one of the limitations of playing nft games. 
  3. Risk in investing: Some non-fungible token games are free-to-play while others are play-to-earn. For clarity, if you want to play Axie, you need to purchase three pets called axies before you can compete with other players. Then, there’s a high tendency that one may lose the money used to buy those axies if one does not play the game according to its rule. Today, the risk of losing one’s investment in Axie Infinity is 50%. 
  4. Not all non-fungible token games are P2E: Don’t be flattered. Some non-fungible token games are free-to-play. The reward you’ll give can only be helpful in the game. You can’t trade the tip with other users. One can only use the coins given as a prize within the game. That is why one needs to be careful.

On a final note

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