The best equipment to get started on axie infinity

What is axie infinity?

Axie Infinity is an online gaming system developed by sky Mavis, a mix of having fun and earning. The Nintendo Pokemon game series inspired the game design. Axie Infinity is a digital gaming system where Pokemon-like pets (called axies) are bought, raised, bred, and put against each other in a cartoonish fight. The other axies you play against are computers or real-life players like you. Whatever you earn can be converted into real money at the end of each game.

How does it work?

Axie Infinity is a digital gaming system that operates with the aid of the crypto-blockchain principle. It means that every case of buying, breeding, or reselling your axies is an actual transaction that deals with cryptocurrency (Ethereum). The axies you buy are “non-fungible” tokens. The sole owner of the axies you purchase belongs to you and only you. After purchase, you can resell them if you wish to. Axie infinity operates on a “play and earns” mechanism, such that you can convert tokens (either SLP or axie infinity coins or tokens) into money in the real world. 

It is a block chain-gaming system that runs on an Ethereum blockchain facilitated by Ronin. So when you want to purchase your axies, you pay with Ethereum present in your Ronin account linked to your axie infinity account. As a first-timer, you need a team of three axies to start. We can purchase them from the official axie marketplace, or you can buy from other existing players.

The best equipment to get started on axie infinity

Each axie has its unique ability (like having a peculiar Gene pool like actual people); it is essential to note the type of ability you would like your axie to have before purchase. It also helps and enhances breeding possibilities between your axies. Breeding in the game uses game experience points SLP (small love potion) earned at the end of each game. The SLP is roughly 20 ERC tokens. You can choose to use your tokens for breeding your axies or not. When you generate your axies, you get a more substantial and higher valued offspring. The maximum number of times axie can be 7. (This is to prevent over-inflation in the prices of axies (digital creatures or pets) on the platform. The value of the costs of your axie infinity coin or token is dependent on the value of the cryptocurrency you trade.

What is unique about axie infinity sets it aside from other games?

Unlike other conventional video games, the axie infinity game, as earlier stated, operates on a blockchain system that helps reconcile playing and earning. You can withdraw your earnings as real money in the real world. Axie infinity games are a means of investment due to their NFTs (axies), high value. They can be bought, bred, and resold. It is a game and a digital marketplace. 

Is it free to play?

No. Like I said before, it is an online marketplace quite similar to crypto mining, except that your mining process is by playing a game. The cheapest axie infinity NFT monster is currently at $220, and you need three axies infinity NFTs (axies) to make up your starting team, which costs $660. 

How can we obtain further information about the game on the axie infinity news platform?

Since it is on a blockchain system, does it operate under the same functions as cryptocurrency?

The answer is yes. Although it is a game, the value of your axie infinity coins or tokens is greatly influenced by the rise and fall in the crypto market. It means that cases of loss or profit from the game are dependent on how well Ethereum is doing on the crypto market (if the price is high, your axie infinity tokens increase in value too, and when it is low, the same happens). The axie coin price with cryptocurrency is present in the axie infinity news platform.

How do I start?

It would be best if you opened an Ethereum wallet. It is preferable to use Metamask.

Create another wallet with Ronin.

Create your axie account by going to the axie marketplace, logging in via your Ronin wallet details, and following the remaining steps.

Buy your axies (first investment). You need three axies, for starters.

Apply for a scholarship. These involve sending a request to other existing players to loan or give you axies.

Download the axies infinity game from the axies infinity website and start playing.

The best equipment to get started on axie infinity

How can you earn on an axies infinity game?

You can earn by SLP farming, which involves completing specific tasks daily.

By breeding axies. The more axies you have, the higher your value pool gets. You can make money by selling axies.

Start a scholarship program. If you possess many axies, you can lend them to other players and get specific commissions from their earnings.

You are investing in lunacia (digital plot of land). The axies world is called lunacia. If you own a property in Lucia, you can lease it out to other players to have a house or headquarters. You can even develop your land to have buildings and shops or even make it capable of producing resources needed by other players.

The best equipment to get started on axie infinity

 Equipment needed to start successfully on axie infinity

To earn and gain from axies infinity, it is essential to have a good combination of equipment. It refers to your game mode and your axies.

Know your axies: the roles and abilities of each axie; that i why it is essential to find out the position of each axie before purchase or breeding. For instance, one of the best working formations in axie infinity is DPS, tank, and support. This three are known to do well in arena or adventure mode.

The tank role is by the axie that withstands the most damage done by the attacker. They are the defense part of your axie team. Your defense axie must have defense cards, energy theft ability, or damage return (in which the enemy gets harmed while attacking). 

The support role is a blend of defense, support, and attack. It is well balanced in all three abilities, and you can get an axie of that nature by being specific in the filter section of your marketplace.

DPS essentially functions to attack. You must have an axie capable of doing this if you want to stand any chance of winning. The bird axie is super-fast and can inflict lots of damage capable of exceeding 400points.

Know your game mode: understanding your game mode matters. The adventure mode is not as intense as the arena mode, but it can serve as a good training point to appreciate your axies and the game. Each method consumes a certain amount of energy, with the adventure mode consuming less. If you want to play arena mode, it is better to go for axies that already have five offspring’s, their prices are lower, and you can designate them just for fights.

Your combination: for sand, use ‘tank-DPS-support’ in your axie team. But if you want a very aggressive game, use ‘tank-DPS-DPS.’

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